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The Patent Pending Magic Melter

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The Magic Melter

The patent pending Magic Melter is a portable, human-powered device that can be used to keep liquids warm or to melt snow into drinking water in an emergency. It is a cup with a sealed heating element, powered by a hand-crank generator. It could be used by everyday consumers to keep beverages warm. People who live in extreme climates, as well as extreme sports enthusiasts, could use the Magic Melter for personal safety.

Magic Melter Elevator Pitch 

   The Magic Melter, patent pending, was designed as a compact survival tool that melts snow into drinking water in the case of an emergency. It is a reusable double walled cup with a heating element wound helically in the sealed chamber between the two cup walls. This life saving device is human powered, and uses a hand-crank generator for power. The turning of the hand crank gets the consumer moving as it melts snow into drinking water, keeping the user warmer. This not only prevents dehydration, but also hypothermia, which can result from eating the snow directly. By powering the device manually, a car does not need to be running, eliminating the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Our device could be used not only for emergencies, but also for individuals interested in sports where one might be exposed to blizzards or situations of extreme cold. While the Magic Melter can melt snow, it can also keep other beverages warm, and can therefore be used in a more everyday setting.